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dfs 800 user manual

To avoid electrical shock, do not openUm einen elektrischen Schlag zu. Wartungsarbeiten stets nurFor the customers in the U.S.A. This equipment has been tested and found to comply withThis equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radioYou are cautioned that any changes or modifications notAll interface cables used to connect peripherals must beThis device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) thisThis symbol is intended to alert the user toCord. Type SJT, three 16 or 18 AWG wires. Length. Minimum 1.5m (4 ft.11 in.), Less than 2.5 mRating. Minimum 10A, 125V. Using this unit at a voltage other than 120V may require theTo reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, refer servicing toAmpere).Masseleitung, die den Sicherheitsrichtlinien des jeweiligen. Landes entspricht.Masseleitung, die den vor Ort herrschendenElectrotechniker. For customers in Canada. This Class A digital apparatus complies with CanadianFor the customers in Europe. This product with the CE marking complies with both the. European Community. Compliance with these directives implies conformity to theThis product is intended for use in the following. Electromagnetic Environment. E4 (controlled EMC environment, ex. TV studio). EG-Kommission. Angewandte Norman:For the TO OU connector (DFS-800PR rear panel). For the TO MU connector (DFS-800CP rear panel)Follow the instructions described in the Operation Manual forFor the Customers in Taiwan only. Voor de Klanten in Nederland (alleen voor deRaadpleeg uw leverancier indien de batterij toch vervangenDe batterij mag alleen vervangen worden door vakbekwaamGooi de batterij niet weg maar lever deze in als kleinLever het apparaat aan het einde van deFor the State of California, USA only. Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply, See. Perchlorate Material: Lithium battery contains perchlorate.In the worst case, the system mayCaution required in the following cases.http://www.oliviars.it/img/img_text/bosch-pad-20001-manual.xml

Do not power OFF during downloading images from a USB memory to the. Do not power OFF during storing events to the control panel. Do not power OFF during storing sequences to the control panel. Upon Receipt. Unpacking. The DFS-800 and any of its options you may have purchased are fully inspected and adjustedCheck your received items against the packing lists below. ThePR Box ContentsInstallation Guide. Rack Mount. Brackets. CP Box ContentsRack mounting to EIA standard typeFor connection between PR and CP, SYK85785 (RJ-45,For addition of 4 SD-SDI outputs (max 2 boards). For addition of 2 analog inputs (max 4 boards). For addition of 2 analog outputs (max 2 boards). Pre-combiner board with16 channels of DME. Refer to each board installation manual for how to install option boards. After installation. Check. Check to ensure no damage has occurred during shipment. If damage has occurred, or itemsRack Mounting. The DFS-800 can be mounted to EIA standard rack units. When rack mounting a unit, use theTable of ContentsUpdate) menu.7Appendix 2. GUI Menu. 1Update) menu. 18Appendix 3. Menu List. 1Congratulations! By purchasing DFS-800 Production Switcher you have entered the world of. SONY and its many innovative products. Thank you for your patronage and we hope you willSONY provides a wide range of products, from basic support units to complex systemWhatever your needs, talk to your SONY representative. We will do our best to be of continuingSDI SDTV video signals. They are ideal for operations and mobile applications in limited spaceSupports for Standard Definition serial digital component input signals. Easy signalStandard system configuration provides 8 SD-SDI inputs. Up to 8 SD-SDI or 8 analog inputsAll inputs are free assignable.http://www.eventoz.com.au/upload/bosch-palm-router-pr20evs-manual.xml

Standard system configuration provides 8 SD-SDI outputs (2 Programs, Preview, CleanUp to 8 SD-SDI or 4 analog outputs can be added to theAccepts synchronous or non-synchronous video inputs with a built-in frame synchronizerThe FS provides not only synchronous live input, but also frozen liveThe DME Warp module has six versatileKey masks, edge, shadow, outline and extrude features are provided in the standardAnalog black burst input signal for system synchronization and two reference outputs. CUT, MIX, WIPE and DME transitions available for background and keys. CUT and MIXIncludes 2 still stores and 4 bus matte signal generators. Primary input stills using frameVersatile 6-channel DME modify operations are possible and 3D Warp engine is alsoStandard and bevel edged borders are available for both inside and outside DME pictures. Provides an optional pre-combiner board with a 2.5D DME module (position, size, rotationBuilt-in USB port for flash drive for uploading and downloading setting files and imageStandard system includes three RS-422 ports and 8 GPI inputs and 24 tally outputsStandard two-line VFD display is provided for menu display and setting. SVGA displayDFS-800PR is housed in a compact EIA 2RU standard size.This manual is intended to help the user easily operate the DFS-800 and make full use of itsBefore connecting or operating your unit, read this operationAfter reading, it is important to keepFont Conventions. The following conventions are used through out this manual. Circled text (such as AUTO) is used for buttons. Shaded text (such as ON) is used for the setting items and values in the menus.This chapter explains important information that you need to know before using the DFS-800. This includes points related to transition, key setup, DME key and sequence operations.The background is the lowest signal layer during switcher productions, and a backgroundFor example, assume image A below is currently selected on the PGM bus.

This is theAlso assume that image BWhen you perform a background transition, image. B is moved onto the PGM line output and replace image A on the line. Background Signal Transition to PGM Output Line. Image A out (before transition). Image B out (after transition). The flow chart below illustrates how a background transition is performed using the DFS-800. Background Transitions. Select Signal LayerSelect BKGD. Select PGM Image. PGM Bus Signal. Select PST Image. PST Bus Signal. Select Transition Type. CUT, MIX, WIPE or DME. Depends on transition type. Initiate BKGD Transition. Press AUTO transition button or move faderNow that you have an idea of how a transition is performed on the lowest video layer, theKeys are often used to add and remove titles during productions. The DFS-800 lets you add up to 4 key and 2 DSK signal video layers over your backgroundFor example, assume you need the title shown below added to the background videoWhen you perform a key signal only transition, the title keyTransitioning Key Over Background on PGM Output Line. Without key layerWith key layerThe flow chart below illustrates how a key transition is performed using the DFS-800. Parts of. Key Transitions. Make key related settings (type, signal, etc. ). Initiate KEY Transition. Press auto transition button or move faderThe switcher offers LINE DME feature, which allows the user to apply DME to all keyersWith an optionalModified DME Keys. DME Keys (Line DME applied)DME Key (Line DME applied)DME Pictures. Select BKGD Image. Select signals and type for the key. Setup a Key. Apply DME to the Key. Press the key bus select button and then. BASIC to open the DME menu for the. Modify the DME KeyRepeat the procedure above to modifyThe DFS-800 also has event and sequence memory features to allow the user to programSequence operations allow theAll sequences are writtenEvents and Sequences. Sequences. Store Sequence. Events. Setup Your Required ImageStore Event. Recall Event.

Play SequenceThis section describes the locations and general functions of the controls, switches and connectorsNamePower indicator lights up green whenever the power switch isFor standard definition serial digital output signal connection.Adds up to 8 Auxiliary outputs withFor standard definition serial digital component input signalAdds up to 8 inputsOne connector is used to input analog black burst signal forUsed to output reference signal to other system equipment.For Control Panel connection. For GPI operation control input and GPI and tally operationFor RS-422 control connection, 9-pin D-sub (female). For RS-422 control connection, 9-pin D-sub (female). For editor connection, 9-pin D-sub (female). Used for connection to AC power source via supplied cable.Buttons, indicators and other operational tools located on the front panel of the DFS-800CPMenu, Event, Sequence operation mode buttonsFor keyer setup (signal and type selection andGPI buttonTransition control section. For background signal source selection. For number input and auto chroma keying. For transition setup of background and key layers.Other USB devices are notConnectors and items located on the rear panel of the DFS-800 units are as shown andDescription. For monitor connection (Liquid crystal screen or other display). For DFS-800PR connection. (SYK85785, RJ-45. Do not use. For USB mouse or USB flash memory drive connection.Do not use. For electrical grounding.Other USB devices such as external hard disk or a card reader are not recognized. Also note that only one USB flash memory drive can be used at the same time in theEDITOR Connector. Pin Assignment Table (9-pin D-sub female). Pin No.Frame ground. Transmit data (-). Signal ground. Not used. Receive data (-). Frame ground. Cable ConnectorsRS-422 (1) (2) Connector. Cable ConnectorsPin Assignment Table (37-pin D-sub, female). Pin No.Tally Output 1. Tally Output 2. Tally Output 3. Tally Output 4. Tally Output 5. Tally Output 6. Tally Output 7.

Tally Output 8. Tally Output 9. Tally Output 10. Tally Output 11. Tally Output 12. Tally Output 13. Tally Output 14. Tally Output 15. Tally Output 16. Tally Output 17. Tally Output 18. Tally Output 19. Tally Output 20. Tally Output 21. Tally Output 22. Tally Output 23. Tally Output 24RedTallyInput01. RedTallyInput02. RedTallyInput03. RedTallyInput04. RedTallyInput05. RedTallyInput06. RedTallyInput07. RedTallyInput08. GreenTallyInput01. GreenTallyInput02. GreenTallyInput03. GreenTallyInput04. GreenTallyInput05. GreenTallyInput06. GreenTallyInput07. GreenTallyInput08. None. PGMAutoTrans. PGMCutTrans. DSKAutoTrans. DSKCutTrans. PGMMixType. PGMWipeType. PGMDME Type. BlackTransPin Free Assign. Pin signal assignments shown in the previous page are factory default settings. These can be. GPI Input Circuit. Switch or Relay. Open corrector. External DeviceMax voltage: 30V. Max load current:Panel edges of each internal board that appears at the switcher rear panel are positioned asThe boards are secured by board stoppersBoard. DescriptionOptionMain. Main board. OptionStandardOptionSee section 4-6. “Input Expansion Option” for adding inputs and see section 4-7 Output. Expansion Option for adding outputs.If fan replacement becomes necessary,Camera. Character. Generator. Digital Video. Database. GPI ControllerPGM2 output. PREV output. CLEAN output. AUX outputsTally outputsUSB Flash DriveCharacter. Analog Video. DatabasePGM2 output. AUX outputsEditor, etcUSB Flash DriveBefore powering ON the DFS-800, verify that all cabling connections are secure and powerTurn other system configuration units to ON. Set the power switch on the DFS-800PR front panel to ON. The power indicator lights upSet the power switch on the DFS-800CP rear panel to ON to start up the control panel. After powering up, the display briefly displays the initializing message of your unit asWait Please! Once the Control Panel has started, the message as below appears while connecting toConnection is lost.

After the connection between DFS-800 switcher processor and control panel isTransition RateBefore using your switcher, be sure to verify that the signal format is properly set on yourFormat menuTypeBefore powering off the DFS-800PR, follow the procedure below to make the shutdownVerify that there are no accesses to USB flash drive. Press both F1 and F4 together. The panel display changes as shown below. Shutdown?When pressing F2, the shutdown process starts. The panel display changes as shownPower off the Control Panel. Then power off the Switcher Processor.If you shutdownThe system saves the last panel settings and they are recalled at startup if the systemBefore operating your unit, you need to understand how to make the settings using menus. ThisUsedVerify that MENU is lit. If not, press theUsed to move betweenMenu Display and Changing Settings. The submenu title is displayed at the top left of the window. Up to 4 items can be displayed at the bottom of the window. Controls F1 to F4 are used to make the settings. Accessing a Menu. To access a menu, press to light up each of the following buttons.Single arrow buttons are used to move between submenus within a menu. Double arrow buttons are used to move between menus. Verify that MENU is lit up orange in the keypad. If not, press the button that is lit orange (SEQ or. EVENT) to turn it off. The MENU light turns on, the keypad enters the Menu mode and the arrowThe DFS-800CP unit has a dedicate storage facility and it can save and load data from theWhen the unit starts up, it reads the saved data in the storage areaThe saved data is automatically or manually loaded orBasically, operations on the panel use or change data in the working memory. So, after finishingStorage. USB Memory. Working Memory (Used toChange Data. Control Panel. Directory Structure of the Control Panel. Root. DFS-800.evt. DFS-800.oud. Event data. Other setting data. Stl. Still store data fileSeq. Sequence file.

Directory Structure of the USB memory. USB memory. Seq. No. Still store data fileSequence file. The amount of data varies by the still image file formats. The larger the image data, the moreThe 256 MB or more USB flash memory drive isDFS-800.evt. Other setting dataThe DFS-800 comes with 8 digital video inputs (In01-In08) in the standard configuration. WithFor the installation procedure, refer to the BKDF-810 Installation Manual or BKDF-811. Installation ManualOnce you install the analog input board, refer to section 4-6-2. “Analog Input SettingsSlot S. Slot S'. Slot C. Slot D. Slot A. Slot B. Slots of DFS-800PR Rear Panel. Slot. StandardSDI x 12. SDI x 16Ax2Name. In01-08. In01-12. In01-16Total. Analog Input. Signal. Name. In09. In10Input. Number of Inputs. OptionAx4In09, 11. In10, 12SDI x 8. SDI x 12. Ax6. Ax8. Ax2In01-08. In01-12Ax4Composite, orComposite, orIn13, 15. In14, 16In09, 11,Composite. Composite. Composite, orComposite, orBy installing the analog input board (BKDF-811), the analog composite and analogThe analog composite can onlyEither analog composite or analog componentIf Y,B-Y,R-Y is used, select theAs in the case of the standard SDI inputs, Proc AmpAnalog Input Signal Settings. In the PST bus select section, press the bus button that an analog input signal is assigned.Turn F1 to select the analog video signal format. Turn F2 to select the signal level. ItemFormatSetting. Description. Compst (Composite). Y,B-Y,R-Y (Component). Betacam,In09, In11, In13, and In15. See 4-6. “Input. Expansion Option” for more details. Used to select the signal level when. Video Format is set to Y,B-Y,R-Y.With optional boards (BKDF-860 or BKDF-861), eight more auxiliary outputs can be added toFor the installation procedure, refer to the BKDF-860 Installation Manual or BKDF-861. Installation ManualOnce you install the analog output board, refer to the section 4-7-2. “Analog Output SettingsSlot S. Standard. Digital. Output. Number of Outputs. OptionAnalog.

TotalAx2Ax2Analog Output. Signal Type. Program1-2. Prev, Clean. Aux1-4. Aux1-8. Aux1-12. Aux1-8Aux 6. Composite, Y,B-Y,R-YComposite. Aux 5. Aux 7. Aux 6. Aux 8. Composite, Y,B-Y,R-YAux 9. Composite, Y,B-Y,R-YAux 10. CompositeBy installing the analog output board (BKDF-861), the analog composite and analogThe analog compositeEither the analog composite or analogIf Y,B-Y,R-YAnalog Output Signal SettingsTurn F1 to select the analog video signal format. Analog Output. YCBCR(Component). GBR (Component). Betacam,AUX09. See 4-7. “Output Expansion. Option” for more details. Used to select the signal level when Video. Format is set to Y,B-Y,R-Y.DFS-800 operational items and response are set in the 2-line VFD display window menus. TheWhen you have started up the system or pressed MIX in the transition section, a display similarSub menuSetting items. Transition RateThe submenu title is displayed at the top left of the window. Up to four items can be displayed at the bottom of the window. The function controls F1 to F4 are used to change the item above the related control.